iPhone - Xnumber Calculator

The X# keys allow entering a number by using Verbal Numerals  (H for Hundred, T for Thousand and M for Million - US Patent 5,623,433).  Verbal Numerals are useful when the input number has several zeroes in it.  The user enters the number as it is pronounced, and the logic of the system puts the zeroes in the right position.  This usually requires less keystrokes. For example, to enter the number  "Two million five thousand and two" just press "2 M 5 T 2" which only requires five keystrokes.  To stop the Verbal Numeral mode in the middle of entering a number, press the X# key. The yellow background of the input area indicates that the number is being entered as a Verbal Numeral. Try pressing the X# key several times.

Try this example:    H  M  7 T  X#  123
Notice that 123 is added to the right side of the number as in a regular calculator.

The "Undo" key undoes the effect of the previous keystrokes in the Input Display.
Try this example:  5 M  3 H  5  Undo  8  Undo  Undo  Undo  5  H  3 

The "$" key on the left of the Total Display displays the total and the Memory contents (in the bottom display) in currency mode with two decimals.

The "K" key in the left of the "Input Display" makes your entry a Constant data that is useful when the same arithmetic operation should be repeated multiple times with the same number just by pressing the "=" key several times.  To stop this mode press the "K" key again. 
Try this example:  10 M  +  150  K  =  =  =  K  X  1.1  $  K  =  =  K + 123 =

A memory Display with a Memory Recall key [m] will appear only when there is some value stored in memory. The "ms" key swaps the contents of the Memory Display with the contents of the Total Display while the "m" key on the left of the Memory Display copies its content to the Input Display.

Try this example:  125 + 25 =  m+  x  2  =  ms  +  50  +  10  +  m  =  ms

Want to calculate the tip for a good service in a restaurant where the total bill is $87.60?
Try this example:   87.6 +  15  %  =  $      or  just     87.6  =  15  %

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