Presenting a new method to enter numbers

What if you could enter a number the way your mind conceives the number?

What if you could enter
two million forty seven thousand (2,047,000) with just five strokes?

We have developed an intuitive method that allows the user to enter a number in a similar way to its phonetics, by using a concept called Verbal Numerals.

This procedure, described in US Patent 5,623,433, extends a normal keyboard with three additional keys. One for "Hundred,"  one for "Thousand" and one for "Million."  With the help of these keys, the number can be entered as it is pronounced.  For example, to enter 2007, you press [2] [thousand] [7].

This approach is an enhancement, not a replacement of the traditional method.  It gives you the capability to enter large numbers that contain multiple zeroes by using less keystrokes.  And you don't need to figure out the position of the zeroes within the number.

The X-Number method can be combined with the traditional method at any time during the entry of the same number.  For example, to enter "Two million three hundred and forty seven" you can use the sequence [2][Million][3][Hundred][4][7], or combine with the traditional method by using [2][Million][3][4][7].