The X-Number Extended Keyboard
American Version


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Try the following examples:

Decimal Numeral

Verbal Numeral

3,005,702 3M 5T 7H 2
2,007 2T 7
105,033,107 1H5 M 33T 1H7
or    H5 M 33T H7
300,056 3HT 56
1,000,005 M 5
256 2H 56
2.8 millions  2.8 M
Two billion (US) 2B or 2TM
Two billion (UK) 2MM

Notice that you may also combine number structures.  For example: in the US to enter "billion" you can enter [B] or [T] [M], but in Europe you would enter [M] [M] or use the European version of this keyboard.

This method can also be applied to Eastern languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

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